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The proposed scheme fully demolish the existing low quality two storey dwelling and garage, and the construction of a new contemporary and highly efficient property with low running costs and modern fixtures and fittings is underway - completion due in 2017.

The dwelling is to be positioned to make use of the existing garden and landscape features of the site; the dwelling shall be positioned away from the current position of the house in order to provide an increased level of privacy between Neuadd Y Broga and the adjacent Stables, it will also allow for a more functional garden and parking area to be created for the new property.

The overarching design vision is to create a high quality – low impact dwelling, one that creates a local distinctiveness, using vernacular materials this new bespoke, postmodern stylish home, with the interior layout having flavours of the traditional Japanese Home, reflective and inward looking, the clever use of fenestrations looks to capture the stunning views, whilst preserving privacy and yet absorbing as much solar gain and light as possible.

The long corridor forms the spine to the building, connecting through a well-lit vista the various living space pods. It creates intrigue and a journey around and through the building, ending in a rewarding a joyful double height glazed atrium living/kitchen and eating space.

The windows permit natural surveillance from the property to any visitors.  

The sites gradient and features are used to help better place the proposed dwelling recessed down into the landscape, the sedum roof helps give the dwelling a hidden feel from the approach to the north.  

Materials from the existing property of Neuadd Y Broga shall be recycled (as far as reasonably practicable) and re-used within the construction of the new dwelling where possible in order to minimize the carbon consumption of the construction.  

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